1. All singing groups must be registered by the lead singer(s) in person.
  2. Non-contest singing groups shall set up on the west side of the arena, and local host drum(s) shall set up on the north end of the arena as directed by the Arena Directors. 
  3. Must have at least (5) singers per registered drum.  Singers can register with only one drum.  Changes can be made to the registered group prior to roll call. 
  4. The Committee will roll call at each drum to verify attendance of registered singers, as follows:
    a.  Friday evening – 6:45pm
    b.  Saturday afternoon – 12:45pm
    c.  Saturday evening – 6:45pm
    d.  Sunday afternoon – 12:45pm
  5. No persons under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs may be present at the drum.
  6. To be eligible for drum split, non-contest singing groups must:
    a.  Be registered prior to roll call;
    b.  Must pass drum roll call; and
    c.  Have clean drum area at the end of the session. 
  7. Only the registered lead singer(s), with valid identification if necessary, will receive day pay on behalf of the registered group.
  8. The $5,000 drum split will be paid to all eligible non-contest singing groups as follows:
    a.  Friday evening - $1,150
    b.  Saturday afternoon - $950 (shortest session)
    c.  Saturday evening - $1,150
    d.  Sunday - $1,750 (longest session)