Welcome Campers!

The following rules and regulations are meant to maintain a clean and safe environment for all campers and visitors. Please be respectful to your neighbors to ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration. 

** $75 Electrical hook-up fee for all RV's & Trailers/Campers

  1. No alcohol or drugs permitted.

  2. No fireworks permitted.

  3. No motorbikes.

  4. Garbage bags will be furnished each day to campers. Dumpsters will be located in convenient areas near your camp for daily garbage disposal.

  5. Speed limit on grounds is 5 miles per hour -- signs are posted.

  6. Please return all teepee poles to racks when you break camp.

  7. Please do not cut teepee poles for firewood or support poles.

  8. Park in designated areas only; fire lanes must be maintained.

  9. All dogs MUST be on a leash.

Please Be Respectful

Please take everything you bring to your camp area with you when you leave.